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Get Your Supplements to work


I am so excited for you along your journey to health and wellness. Have you ever wondered why your supplements do not work how they should? Do you say, that natural stuff doesn’t work? Natural stuff isn’t strong enough. Emphasis on calling supplements STUFF.

I am here to be completely honest with you. The minute YOU stop calling Rx grade supplements STUFF. That’s when Rx supplements will work to your advantage. When You believe your supplements will work they will work in your favor.

Here are some of your common pitfalls.

  1. Poor digestion and malabsorption

  2. Not removing the trigger foods

  3. Not believing

  4. Being your own doctor

  5. Inappropriate nutrient timing

  6. Eating poorly along with vitamin supplementation

  7. Not taking the recommended dose or correct strength so that it can work to your advantage.

  8. Googling everything

  9. Ingesting cheap Amazon and Walgreen supplements

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