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Keeping the weight off for good

Hi Guys,

In this vlog I give you tips and tools on how to keep the excess weight off for good. You have good weight and you have dead weight. Most of the dead weight we carry is increased fat cells. Once you understand what causes weight gain, you will then shed the pounds slow and healthily and put on muscle tissue.

All mammals need healthy muscle tissue to process carbs efficiently. A lot of individuals who do not lift heavy weights on a low carb diet look like sticks and bones.

Keeping a balance of raw and cooked foods in your diet will ensure you have optimal nutrients in your body. Overloading on protein and protein shakes can inadvertently affect your kidneys. The key to healthy muscle building is adequate amounts of proteins, carbs, and fat, not just protein. You’ll notice, through trial and error over time you will find what works for you. See my vlog below:

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