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Animal and plant cruelty


I am so excited for you along your journey to health and wellness. I wanted to share some insight as it pertains to animal and plant cruelty. Being that we are in an endangered species crisis, I am most certain the animal lovers are concerned about how the animals are being treated. I’ve been teaching and educating in area of health for 11 years. Here is my perspective on animal and plant cruelty. We are apart of the Earths food chain and not only are we killing animals to live we also have to kill plants. Whether you are a pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, paleo etc. please do not take a biased approached when it come to one’s dietary choices. Be mindful that life and death is an ongoing cycle on planet Earth. Essentially, when we kill plants and animals its breaths life to all mammals. Just as the air we breathe animals and plants have a function. I felt compelled to share this information because many of you do not understand what you do not know. Obtaining the appropriate education will help shed light on many of the grey areas that are misunderstood about diet and health. Ignorance is the root cause many of disease you many see.

We are now in the year 2020, and much of the food production is not food. Let’s stop judging and critiquing one’s diet, weight, and lifestyle choices.

For example: “Wow! You see how skinny she is”

“Eww! He’s Fat

The point I’m making is, Let’s start loving ourselves and loving others because you never know what someone went through in their health to become fat or skinny. Let’s stop judging meat eaters for eating meat and let’s stop judging vegans for eating plants.

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