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Addressing your emotions naturally


I know you are looking at the subject line asking, what does your emotions have to do with food? Let's be encouraged. I am your health counselor.

Believe it or not our emotional state is a big part of our health. Your emotional state is also affected by your food choices. Did you know certain foods cause depression/anxiety/bipolar?

It is my strongest advice when you are going through something on an emotional level is to seek out your favorite snack alternatives. The foods you eat affect your mood/mental state. Have you ever had a craving for something greasy after a long hard day? After, you ate your favorite food that was satiating your mood suddenly lifted and and you felt better. You taught yourself how to feel good. Yes! You did that.

Here are a list off foods and activities that cause brain fog and depression:


-Gluten grains

-Pasturized dairy

- Soy



-Negative association

-Negative thinking

-Being over critical

When addressing our emotions, it is important to surround yourself with a happy, healthy whole environment. Be around encouraging motivating people. If you can, protect your atmosphere and do not allow negative people or your work environment affect your emotional state. See my Vlog below. I'm happy for YOU.

Phriquizine Inc. does not plan to treat,cure, or prevent and disease. Seek out your health care practitioner before implementing your new health regimen.

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