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The truth about CANCER


How are you today? The reason why today's society react so poorly to ill health is because they do not understand it. There is so much biased information on the internet, it sends people into a state of confusion.

Today, I am going to teach you how to be smarter than your doctor. Everyone, reading my blogs should have an upper advantage as it pertains to health and this is why I created this community. I want you to be confident in your health and do not be scared of hearing negative reports. Most importantly, you are NOT dying. Knowledge is power.

You may have been told that cancer is a deadly disease. In reality, cancer is inflammation and toxicity in the body. Cancer forms when our immune system and our cells become weak. Cancer starts in your digestive tract due to deficiencies. So, it is imperative that we keep our digestive tract healthy. Your digestive tract is like your second brain. 75% of the cancers in the United States are caused by poor lifestyle. What this means is, YOU caused it unknowingly.

The reason why there are so many people on unnecessary chemo is because they have NOT changed their lifestyle habits. Truth is, in order to handle Chemo drugs your immune system and liver must be healthy enough to handle it.

The minute someone finds out they have cancer they react poorly. Thus, making cancer worse. Let's get educated.

Let me teach you how to STOP IT dead in its tracts.

-Go for walks and get as much natural sunlight (Vitamin D) as you can.

-Lessen or Eliminate your GMO grain consumption because grains are estrogen's that cause your estrogen levels to sky rocket through the the roof. When there is too much estrogen the body creates tumor like growths to protect itself.

-Increase your intake of freeze dried fruits/veggies

-Avoid the mammal milk here in the U.S. Its NO good. Even the Grass-fed milk makes cancer worse. It also creates hormonal imbalances.

-EAT more testosterone forming foods.

-Avoid conventional Red meat

-Avoid Soy

_Eat wild caught fish and organic pastured chicken

-Take an Omega 3 supplement

-Eat fruits and veggies that are low on the glycemic index. GI 34 or below

-Avoid high glycemic fruits/veggies

-Reduce your stress (See my blog posts on stress)

If you have been diagnosed with CANCER. I highly recommend the teas below, because they kill cancer cells and promote healthy cell life. If you are vegan/vegetarian you may OMIT meat

Teas that fight and combat cancer: 1.) Black walnut Tea 2.)Turkish Rhubarb Tea 3.)Sheep Sorrel Tea 4.)Chaparral Tea

Foods that cause cancer 1.) Today's modern day Grains 2.) GMO Soy 3.) Conventional dairy

Phriquizine Inc, does not plan to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your health care practitioner before implementing any new health care regimen.

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