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Healthy Burgers and French Fries

Hi Guys/Gals,

I apologize to my vegans/vegetarians. Im not french but I do enjoy french fries and a nice beef burger. Today, when you say your going out to have a nice burger and fries our colleagues may think you are about to commit the most unhealthiest deadliest crime on the planet. The truth is, a healthy cheese burger and fries does exist.

I'm not shunning your local Burger King, because I use to enjoy my midnight snack of junior whoppers and fries. 10 years later of being gluten, soy, and dairy free I absolutely do not miss the unhealthy cheeseburgers. I do not miss the feeling of being bloated, depressed and sleepy all the time. I got in the kitchen and learned how to still eat what I enjoy with the exception of healthier food alternatives. Don't get me wrong when I first started my lifestyle change and transition, boy was it painful. Let me encourage you today on how to stay disciplined for a lifetime, but first you must learn how to cook. See Phriquizine Inc photo below.

Grassfed beef burgers and cajun yam fries.This recipe does not contain any grains,soy, or dairy. C'mon we all need a burger every now and then. You can learn to cook this way as well.

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