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Strengthen your bones


Have you ever wondered if arthritis and osteoporosis is genetic? Did you know there are various natural remedies you can integrate in your diet to help prevent joint inflammation and bone loss.

Contrary to popular belief many individuals have inherited the belief that drinking 8 glasses of pasteurized milk a day facilitates towards healthy bones. The truth is, drinking this type of milk creates degenerative illnesses. Cows milk increases your estrogen levels and blocks your absorption of other nutrients. Basically, it swells your digestive tract. Cows milk is for the baby calf.

I highly recommend drinking plant based milk to avoid these complications. Cow milk consumption has been linked to the following diseases:

1.) Cancer

2.) Mucus

3.) Arthritis

4.) Estrogen increase

5.) Osteoporosis

6.) Irritable bowel syndrome

7.) Brain fog

Supplementing eggshell membrane supplements or simply making your own will be quite useful to your health from a long term perspective.

Limiting your grain consumption and completely avoiding wheat/dairy you will notice your bone health improve.

Check with your local health food store to find a good high quality egg shell membrane supplement.

Mixing your egg shell membrane with grass fed collagen with help restore much of the bone and joint damage.

Here is a list of nut milks( Make your own)

1.) Almond

2.) Macadamia

3.) Walnut

4.) Cashew

If you are allergic to nuts. Here are a list of seed milks

1.) Pumpkin seed

2.) Sunflower seed

I don't not recommend drinking pea protein milk. Peas in large amounts are highly estrogenic.

Phriquizine Inc. does not plan to treat, cure or prevent and disease. This information is for educational purposes only. Consult with your health care practitioner before implementing any new health care regimen.

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