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Whats the deal with all this Gluten?

Many of you who are reading my post might ask why is society all of a sudden seeing more gluten free products and groceries. Is this a fad? Is this a scam? What if I get my gluten levels tested by the doctor and they come back negative? Does this mean that I still can have gluten?

Well here is the truth, straight no chaser. Scientific research has proven that today's modern day gluten affects all mammal health despite your genetic. Today's testing methods does not have the ability to accurately test because there are so many protein variations in gluten. Technology is still evolving and one day well become more precise. As of today we must work with the tests that are currently available..There are various symptoms that we experience from ingesting gluten. You do not have to have Celiac disease or gluten intolerance to experience the symptoms below.

Please see the list below (These are just a few)

1.) arthritis

2.) depression/anxiety

3.) infertility

4.) Irritable bowel syndrome

5.) estrogen growths

6.) Polyps

7.) cancer

8.) high blood pressure

9.) diabetes

10.) Mood disorder/bipolar

Please view and google the doctors who have undergone extensive research coupled with over 15 years of clinical experience in areas of gluten and dairy

-Dr.Peter Osbourne

-Dr Williams Davis

-Dr. Steven Gundri

In conclusion, if you are experiencing health issues you may find there youtube channels beneficial.

To your health,

Phriquizine Inc.

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