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Let's Conquer stress


How are you today? I wanted to take some time out of my peaceful yet relaxed day to talk about stress. Did you know there are natural supplements and therapies for stress relief? Eating healthy coupled with smiling and enjoying life can combat stress.

Stress is common, yes I know. So, how exactly do we lower the stress levels in our lives. See my recommendations below:

Aroma Therapy

My personal favorite top stress relief remedy is aroma therapy. A small aroma therapy diffuser can get the job done when you are stressed from a long day. Small diffusers are great for travel, especially if you are a busy person. The oils that I recommend are lavender and rose. Once you have found a way to channel out your energy and indulge in these two scents you will find that these two oils have calmative effect on your central nervous system. Simply add 10 drops of your favorite oil into your diffuser and place it near your night stand.

Aroma Therapy Bath

I must say, I personally enjoy taking these therapeutic baths twice a week to lower stress. This remedy also works well for those who enjoy working out. Great muscle relaxant. O.k., so here's the recipe.

2 cups of wintergreen isopropyl alcohol (check your local walgreens)

1 cup of Now brand pure magnesium flakes( you can find this at your local health food store, also check amazon)

1 cup of Himalayan pink salt

10 drops of essential oil of lavender.

Please be sure that you have enough water in your bath tub to submerge your whole body.

Astragalus Root

I know you are wondering what exactly is astragalus and how will it help me control stress/cortisol. Adaptogenic herbs work regardless of the underlying cause of your stress. Awesome right! In particular, adaptogenic herbs help improve our adrenal function. If you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication please consult with your health care practitioner. Astragalus is an adaptogenic chinese herb. This particular herb belongs to the perennial family. Based on scientific research the side effects of this herb are minimal. I would advise taking the herb in its purest nonisolated form. Just the herb itself

Exercise/Sexual intercourse

Exercise/Sexual intercourse are apart of our bodily functions. Just as the doctor prescribes medicine. You should prescibe these two proven activities to put your stress at bay

Journaling/ Alone time

Have you ever wrote about your stress. Give it a try. Journaling helps us clear our mind. Sometimes we just need to be alone away from negativity. This behavior helps us recharge.

Deep tissue massage/ Active release treatment

Everyone loves a massage. Right?? Deep tissue massage reduces inflammation while improving the bodies ability to heal itself. Deep tissue massages stimulates our circulatory system greatly. Thus, improving our physiological response to stress.

ART (Active release treatment) was first patented by P. Michael Leahy. This particular treatment helps push joint fluid throughout the body and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps lower inflammation.

Eating healthy

Eating a diet mainly composed of gluten containing processed foods and artificial ingredients will exacerbate stress. Eating real food helps us find our center gravity of calm. Infusing your water with fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, and mint balances cortisol. Majority of the population associate healthy eating with eating bland salads and chicken breast. Eating foods that you enjoy helps combat stress. Simply pick your favorite food. Find a healthier alternative and make it taste good. Seasoning your food adds creativity and life to what your eating. The fresh herbs in your dishes keeps your system in balance.

The foods below target cortisol.

Deep ocean fish (wildcaught)




Grassfed Meats

Green leafy vegetables

Natural Vitality Brand sells an all natural stress drink formula. See link below

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