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King Salmon? Whats the deal?


Has anyone heard of King Salmon? King Salmon is the king of kings in the oceans of Alaska. King is considered the best due to its high fat content. From experience, salmon is an easily digested protein that includes EPA and DHA. My personal favorites are King Arthur sardines and wild Sockeye salmon. I enjoy these two fish coupled with homemade mustard or homemade hot sauce

In healthy individuals, fish can be consumed 2 to 3 times per week. The American Heart Association speaks highly on fish consumption. Our reason for needing EPA and DHA is for overall proper bodily functions in the whole body. Our body does not make omega 3 so it is imperative that we get it from a food source. Healthy digestion promotes healthy absorption of omega 3. One serving of Wild King Salmon provides 1.7 grams of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. Majority of the citizens in the United States are Omega 3 and vitamin D deficient. Eating wild caught salmon moderately will solve this problem.

In addition to King Salmon and other salmon varieties, consuming pure grade New Chapter fish oil aids low grade to chronic inflammation.This is a natural alternative for pain relief. Soaking your fish in a cilantro solution will help clean your wild caught fish of ocean contaminants. Simply take 1 bunch of cilantro along with 3 cups of water, blend in a blender and pour over fish. Let the fish soak in the refrigerator overnight.

When consuming fresh fish we must also consume fibrous vegetables to efficiently process the fish and contaminants in our bodies. Fibers from vegetables will grab unwanted contaminants.

If you are nursing or breastfeeding, please be mindful to consult with your physician due to the possibility of natural occurring metal contamination. Some Wild caught fish have no mercury at all, depending on what part of the world it is caught. Check with your local fisherman. It won't hurt to ask. The benefits will outweigh the risk.

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